What makes the VIP different to other pads?
VIP is different because our raw material is so unique. It is called VEteq. It is usually found in the human medical industry. It is not a gel but a viscoelastic polymer. The VIP has an extremely high tensile strength.

On a molecular level the raw material looks like honeycomb. This also means that under pressure regardless of what forces are applied to it, the product keeps a uniform thickness, part in thanks to our ‘bobble’ design. VIP is ultra-durable and retains amazing protective properties.

The VIP is the mid-point interface between the horse and rider. It can be used on the horses back directly or between saddle and saddle cloth; always bobble side toward the horse and flat side to the saddle. At 8mm it does not alter saddler fit, in fact 90% of our stockists are physiotherapists, saddlers, veterinary surgeons and specialist professional stockists. These professionals have seen and now recommend VIP, worldwide, as they are seeing massive improvements in their clients’ horses’ softness in the back and an improved willingness to go forward. We have received many endorsements from professional and amateur riders for a multitude of back issues that the VIP can help to prevent.

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