Whips & Canes

The following whips and canes are all hand-crafted by a craftsman in the UK.  We can have a whip made up to your exact specifications if required.  They are used in the hunting field and show ring and of course for schooling.  Antiques of the future and wonderful presents.  They can be engraved and you can have silver , brass or chrome collars and caps.  If you have a collar, hook or cap from an old whip we can incorporate them into a new whip.  Just call for any more information or advice.

Basic leather covered show cane. The same both ends.  Sizes 30", 33", 36".  Black or brown - £22.00  Ref BC1.

Basic Cane with chrome mushroom cap and tip.  Length 30", 33", 36".  Black or brown. (Silver collar below cap is a label) £24.00   Ref BC2.

Plaited leather shaft with chrome mushroom cap and leather rat tail end .  Our most popular whip.  Lengths 30", 33" 36". Colours brown or black - £80.00 Ref WH 1.

Plaited shaft with chrome mushroom cap and tip.  Length 33 1/2".  Black or brown - £70.00  Ref WH2.

Tan plaited pigskin shaft with silver top and leather stitched rat tail end.  Beautiful whip, a one off, 36" long and quite fine - £98.00  Ref WH3.


Plaited brown leather shaft with horn hook and leather rat tail end.  Great in the hunting field and the show ring.  Hook for gates but with the advantage of length as well.  Approx. length 34" - £100.00  Ref WH 4.


Smart schooling type whip.  Used in the ring as well as schooling.  Leather wrapped shaft with braided top and flicky end!  Black or brown.  Length 39" - £60.00  Ref WH5.

Brown rubberised hand part for security, plaited leather shaft with chrome collar and mushroom cap.  Rat tail stitched leather end. Length 36" - Brown. £65.00  Ref WH 6.

Cane with wrapped leather shaft.  Chrome mushroom cap and tip.  Length approx 34". Brown .  Black to order - £70.00  Ref WH 7.

Plaited shaft with neat buffalo horn hook and rat tail end. Length approx 34".  Brown . Black to order - £89.00  Ref WH 8.


Plaited leather shaft with buffalo horn top and stitched rat tail end.  Length 30". Brown - £80.00  Ref WH 9.

Stunning, elegant whip with braided shaft , silver thimble top and collar , rat tail end.  Length 34" approx.  Dark brown - £ 100.00  Ref WH 10.


Beautiful, original park whip.  Exquisite linen braided shaft with carved Ivory hook and two carved Ivory collars - £175.00  Ref WH 11.

Linen braided original park whip.  Black handle , brown shaft with gold coloured ornate top and neat collar.  Lash type end - £150.00  Ref WH 12.  .

  Various hunt whips are always for sale.  Please ring for more information on what is available and individual prices. Ref WH 14.

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