Side Saddle by Jane Pryor.  Everything covered with plenty of diagrams.  Jane Pryor is a side saddle judge.  £6.00

The Young Ladies Equestrian Manual.  Limited edition facsimile published 2000. One for the collection.  £20.00

Modern Side Saddle Riding by Eva Christy.  Third edition 1985. Originally published 1907. Plenty of photographs and  information. £28.00

All About Riding Side Saddle by Patricia and Victoria Spooner. Full of coloured photographs. £6.00

To Whom The Goddess by Lady Diana Shedden and Lady Apsley.  Published 1932.  Wonderful for hunting ladies.  Guidance on turnout for today's show ring. £78. 00

The Young Horsewoman's Compendium by Edward Stanley. Designed to give Ladies a secure and graceful seat. £20.00

Riding Side Saddle by Janet  Macdonald. A founder of the Side Saddle Association. Basic principles of side saddle. Out of print.  £22.00

Riding Side Saddle byJanet Macdonald and Valerie Francis. Out of print first published 1978.  Line drawings.  Covers the basic seat, dressage and showing. £25.00

Side Saddle by Doreen Archer Houblon.  Reprint 1977.  Plenty of photographs and guidance. £30.00

Cross Saddle and Side Saddle by Eva Christy. Published 1932.  Covering astride as well as side saddle riding. £60.00  Various copies.

Ladies On Horseback by Mrs. power O'Donoghue. Published 1881.  A book hard to find.  A formidable lady wrote these!  £250.00

Side Saddle by Doreen Archer Houblon. Published 1938.  A must have book for the side saddle rider, rhythm, balance and collection.  Buy it if you haven't got it ! £60.00

The Horsewoman by Alice Hayes.  Published 1910. Everything covered in this book, habits, boots, walk, trot and canter, jumping hunting etc.  £75.00

School for Horse and Rider.  1937.  Great black and white photos and lots of advice from a real horseman , one chapter is on Astride v Side Saddle. £15.00



The Saddle of Queens by Lida Fleitmann Bloodgood. Published 1959. An early history of the side saddle and its development over the years. £65.00

The Art of Side Saddle by Rosamund Owen.

Plenty of black and white photographs and information for the novice and more experienced rider.  £22.00

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